Our Work

Boots | Dequacaine, Dequadin

When Boots wanted to leverage their trusted and under-utilised Dequadin brand they recognised a broader strategic portfolio issue was at stake. With their Strepsils already the undisputed brand leader what role should a second tier brand play within the category and how could Dequadin's unique heritage be leveraged? ... [more]

Canon VIP Brand Event

Inspiring retail board management across Europe with the likes of Media Markt was not a challenge Canon took lightly. Canon's ambitions were to innovate its way to market leadership in all of its core markets. The challenge was to entice the consumer to reap digital's rewards with the retailer centre stage as the destination. Our role to create an inspiring VIP event for European retail management royalty reinforcing Canon's digital imaging prowess ... [more]

Absolut | Absolut Bartender

Absolut’s reputation is legendary. However original and disruptive brands such as Skyy, and 42 Below were turned heads and were seen as eclectic and interesting. Our unique ethnographic work with bartenders, often the originators of new spirit innovation helped Absolut re-connect in new ways and deliver tailored brand initiatives to forge stronger and more engaging relationships ... [more]

Broadstock | Category Innovation

The impact of the workplace environment is substantial. Getting it right requires a combination of experience built around workplace design, ergonomics, logistics and client service. In partnering Broadstock we had to be disruptive in our thinking to grab the attention of the industry. The outcome, an educational program spanning psychology, ergonomics and employee wellness that transformed business thinking ... [more]

Pork Farms | Brand Strategy

Our view of farm produce conjures up an illusion of rolling hills, and roaming farmyard animals. Although Pork Farms had long enjoying these positive brand associations, the late 90’s saw squeezed wages and retail consolidation shift category sentiment. We re-framed the concept of healthy on-the-go meal occasions, providing innovation headroom for the brand ... [more]

Canon | Pixma Photo Printers

Photo printing offers a great creative promise. For many however the reality was somewhat different. Canon’s ambition was to democratise photo printing and asked us to help. Our project journey uncovered critical consumer barriers that were holding back market growth. Our launch strategy was instrumental in negating these, positioning Pixma brand as the enabler at the heart of the photo-printing revolution ... [more]

Absolut | Absolut Academy

Not many brands that can boast an academy. For Absolut, it was an essential component of the brand’s cultural engine room. However Absolut had evolved into new areas not adequately covered by the academy. Digital, music and global culturalrequired new approaches, new formats for communication and a more powerful strategic brand focus. Our role was to reflect this within the new academy ... [more]

Canon | Digital Video

Video camera purchasing often starts out as a confusing discussion at the technology store, includes hours of frustration at the computer and often ends with a disappointing film output that never lives beyond it’s initial showing. Canon wanted to change the game. They knew that the solution was bigger than technological superiority and presented us with an inspiring if somewhat daunting challenge ... [more]

Canon | Xeed

Exploring low involvement can sometimes deliver invaluable insights into the emotive drivers of brand choice. Our brief was to re-frame the role of Xeed, creating a positioning that would act as a catalyst to inspire channel stakeholders. Internally Xeed became the lightening rod for strategic innovation and emotive brand-led communication ... [more]

Ruberoid | Brand Strategy

Product innovation can be a powerful tool for business growth. However it can also dilute brand equity, confuse customers and waste valuable resources. Our role was to capture the essence of Ruberoid’s unique reputation and create a future proofed brand strategy and architecture that would consolidate and exemplify its superior customer value ... [more]

Forest Labs | Oleomed

To create a consumer health brand from a traditional food ingredient we needed to challenge long-held internal perceptions regarding health and wellness and re-frame the concept of vitality. The reward, the ability to play in previously uncharted market space with limited resources ... [more]

Wickes | Paint

Wickes wanted to broaden how their customers perceived value and saw paint category innovation as a key step. Our work enabled Wickes to exploit their brand strengths attracting new segments of quality conscious building professionals and creatively minded customers to their paint offer ... [more]