Project Description


The impact of the workplace environment is substantial. Get it wrong, and it can upset the equilibrium of the organisation, reduce employee productivity and sap moral and motivation. Getting it right requires a combination of experience built around workplace design, ergonomics, logistics and client service.

Broadstock’s challenge was creeping market commoditisation and a lack of customer awareness of the impact of supplier partner choice over cost. Their ambitions were to break the category deadlock by leading from the front, delivering a new and unique added value that would place them at the top table alongside architects in helping to create inspiring workplaces.

In partnering them on the journey, we explained we would have to be disruptive and original in our thinking if we were to grab the attention of the industry. They agreed and we never looked back.


Hearing senior management espouse the company values is one thing. Following a real life construction and design project is something quiet different. Clients get nervous, budgets strained and deadlines loom large. By carrying out ethnographic work in this challenging environment we were able to view Broadstock’s world first hand. Early insights were to re-enforce the board’s suspicions of creeping commoditisation.

Management now understood that simply highlighting the quality of deliver and product however well received would not be enough to change the game and differentiate the business. We would have to go several steps further.

The outcome, an educational program spanning the psychology, ergonomics and employee wellness issues that encourage the creation of efficient workplaces. We had stepped outside excepted category practice and begun the journey of empowered Braodstock to deliver new areas of customer value. Alongside we developed a new identity that would support the proposition and positioning and followed through with brand guidelines for internal roll-out.


Employee pride has brand value that is often overlooked in strategic brand projects. Growth targets,  marketing effectiveness and new communication plans often dominate. In B2B markets where customer interactions often shape brand perceptions Broadstock’s work with us to deliver enhanced value had elevated not just customer perceptions but energised the internal culture also. Personal pride driven by the potential to engage in highly valued client discussions, an improvement on the war on talent and an increased media presence provided a powerful elixir of growth for the Broadstock brand.

From the perception of the board this was a project that transformed the business in positive ways they could not have imagined at the start.