Project Description


Photo printing offers a great promise. Creative control over your imagery , multi-format flexibility and of course pride in the finished printed photograph. For many however the reality was somewhat different. Successful photo printing remained elusive with the experience fiddly, and complex. Consumers felt frustrated and disempowered.

Canon’s ambition was to democratise photo printing both economically with regards the printer cost and from a skill requirement and knowledge perspective. Up to this point , the market had been dominated by Epson with a loyal following of relatively expert and enthusiast photographers. Quality potential was high, but achieving it was tough.

Consumers hate tough and love simple. Canon threw down a an internal gauntlet, announcing the strategic intent that it wanted to become the No.1 in photo-printing. It had all the right credentials but achieving it seemed an almost insurmountable task bearing in mind the entrenched brand leader. We were brought in to help start the process of making it happen.


‘Walking a mile in their moccasins’ is never a bad idea when it comes to understanding complex aspects of consumer behaviour. Our journey uncovered critical insights that were acting as behavioural barriers to potential photo printing consumers. Consumers avoid complexity and love brands that make their life simpler. Expert brands succeed in these markets when they are able to create clarity. This hardly describes photo-printing at the time. Our mission for Pixma was clear.

From bringing to life the benefits of the technology rather than the describing it and making photo-printing an accessible goal for everyone we had found a credible and motivating role for Canon photo-printers. Pixma was going to empower consumers with the knowledge, skills and expertise to create amazing quality photo prints quickly and conveniently.

Our work encompassed positioning and communications launch program development, brand films to inspire and inform the sales channels and inspiring programs which brought to  life the potential of Pixma from its flexibility as a creative tool to the longevity of its inks protecting the heritage of its prints.


By focussing on the untapped market potential rather than costly initial share gains, Canon were able to quickly bring Pixma to the attention of a whole new category of consumers. We worked hard to unlock the hidden demand and it paid off. Consumers began to recognise Pixma as a valuable asset in their relationship with Photography. This was a huge step forward. Investment and hard work followed by the client. The result is what seemed impossible a few years ago. Canon’s Pixma as a major force photo printing.