Project Description


Inspiring retail board management across Europe with the likes of Media Markt and at the time Dixons was not a challenge Canon took lightly. Despite its dominance in photography, there were areas of the digital world where competition had been intense, pressure on margins relentless and competitor innovation impressive.

Canon’s ambitions were to innovate its way to market leadership in all of its core markets. This had many guises. Firstly in pure product terms Canon’s new product launch programme was aggressive, consistent and offered consistently improving value. From a support perspective budgets were constantly growing, often giving Canon the No.1 slot in share of voice with the consumer.

However consumer dominance and successful retailer partner relationships are not always automatic bedfellows. The relationships have to be nurtured and the brand owners in this case Canon had to consistently show how they were bringing the best possible technology and profit growth opportunities to the retail buying table.

Once yearly the business had to dazzle the retailer royalty putting their strategies, technologies and consumer initiatives in the spotlight and showing how the market would be evolving over the coming 12 months. Our role to consolidate the trends, position the Canon technologies in the best possible light to capture the growth and create a brand experience that would leave delegates on a Canon technology high.


Digital had spread to every corner of Canon’s world. The challenge was to entice the consumer to reap digital’s rewards with the retailer centre stage as the destination for advice, testing, upgrades and the repeat purchase of profitable peripherals and consumables. With on-line being a double edged sword with some retailers strong and others weak the strategies, stories and presentations had to reflect both realities.

Our role involved substantial trends research as well as business analysis to accurately capture the business environment in each European market. We worked closely with Canon management at every level collaborating to ensure the most comprehensive and accurately validated story. Our role was to then envision the information within an inspiring brand event with touch and try, product launch shows, films and technology immersion zones to engage and entertain delegates.

With tight deadlines, multiple stakeholders and vast quantities of data and product, we created a multi-tier, event on time and on-budget that acted as a backdrop for Canon European management to display its prowess in the future of digital.


Recognising the importance of heart and heart in the delivery of band experiences whoever the audience, we left nothing to chance with regards production quality, clarity of information and the rewarding experiences of the touch and try zones. Feedback for the event was excellent with many delegates expressing excitement and enthusiasm for the presented content and Canon’s vision of the digital future. We were both delighted and exhausted in equal measure.