Project Description


In high-tech categories such as DSLR’s and digital video camera technology, battles are fought daily in the consumer press, leaving some less-heavily supported B2B technology markets seemingly ‘low tech’ by comparison. For Canon’s Xeed range of high-end digital projectors this could not be further from the truth. Their cutting edge technology in digital imaging and lens design has created a series of state-of-the-art business communication devices. Canon’s technical superiority was matched only by their ambitious strategic intent to both dominate and develop the category long-term.

There was however a barrier to their ambitions. The buying process in the projector category tended to be low involvement driven more by habit and channel loyalty than product performance. Furthermore Canon’s superior technology and performance lacked resonance and was being over-looked in supplier catalogues and sales conversations.

Our brief… to re-frame the role of Xeed within business communication. Creating a positioning and identity that would act externally as a catalyst to inspire channel stakeholders, meanwhile acting as a lightening rod internally for strategic innovation and more emotive brand-led communication.


Unpacking the reasons for low involvement can sometimes deliver invaluable insights into the emotive and fundamental drivers of brand choice. In this case Canon’s target customers had failed to link product performance delivery with their desire for excellence for their organisation and its people. By failing to activate this important perceptual link, a sub-optimal perception of the Xeed’s brand’s potential existed.

Our strategic partnership journey with Canon encompassed customer journey, need-state analysis, brand mission and identity development and market positioning that was to act as the bedrock for the re-launch of the Xeed brand. Encapsulated in the brand promise of ‘brighter thinking’ Xeed had transitioned from digital technology into a superior strategic business tool.


Helping Canon inject emotional resonance within a relatively acquiescent B2B category was cathartic for the business. We demonstrated the power of clarity  within B2B technology branding, the importance of uncovering emotional insights and how design can play a critical role in bringing to life the potential benefits of technological innovation within business communication … brighter thinking all round.