Project Description


Vitamins minerals and supplements (VMS) are one of the most hotly contested spaces in consumer health. Surprisingly, it is not dominated by one or two global megabrands. Rather it remains fragmented at local and regional levels, difficult to navigate and poorly understood by consumers.

Forest Labs handed us a rather unique challenge. They had acquired the rights to market virgin olive oil as an oral supplement. The potential health benefits and commercial opportunities were obvious but required required a total reframing of the cultural meaning of olive oil in order for it to be seen as both a food and medicine.

Forest wanted to gain a first mover advantage in this new crossover OTC area and articulated clear ambitions to use the Oleomed range as a trojan horse to gain both presence and share within the VMS category.


Our first challenge was to define the size, scope and nature of the opportunity. Our work encompassed customer segmentation, behaviour mapping and opportunity platform development.

It was clear that whilst a number of customer segments were possible candidates, the brand would only stand-out if its proposition was tightly focussed. Limited support required ‘smart’ in the absence of ‘clout’. We needed a brand story that would develop a life of its own and inspire PR and word-of-mouth as routes for generating awareness and trial.

The Oleomed positioning facilitated the creation of a brand architecture which reflected the launch ambitions for the brand whilst providing the scope for future product innovation as market opportunities came on-stream.


Despite limited initial spend, Oleomed achieved an excellent response from the trade, was granted significant initial distribution and was seen as adding value by the target consumers within the category. Oleomed’s focus on a tightly defined receptive target gave the brand a clear opportunity to play in a unique new space in the VMS category. Forest were rewarded with excellent PR coverage, growing word of mouth recommendation and a growing brand presence in this exciting new area of consumer health.