Project Description


Creating a world class global hospital brand comes with a set of challenges that is likely to test every aspect of an agency’s skill set. Landor was presented with such a challenge with myself as part of the strategy team that had to convince Medi-Clinic’s global board we were up to the task.

One of the key challenges when bringing together medical organisations from different continents is that healthcare itself is steeped in cultural tradition, medical procedure heritage, structural legacy and stereotypical perceptions of quality. And so it was with Medi-Clinic. Having recently acquired a Swiss hospital group all of these potential challenges lay ahead. Landor’s role, to persuade the board we had strategic tools and expertise to navigate the difficult waters of a global brand healthcare merger and the insight and intellect to create a corporate brand platform that would inspire a new generation of healthcare stakeholders to buy-in.

After weeks of intellectual agency team boot camp, creative brainstorms and several epiphany moments we believed we had the pitch that was needed to win. We had to be confident … the pitch was in Cape Town! The result … in short we had the right blend of expertise, team experience and quality of thinking and were awarded the substantial task long-term task of partnering the business through a global merger.


Internal and external research was a key feature of the early stages. Management had to be won over with insight based on facts, rigour and analysis rather than gut feel and instinct. We had to uncover the common strengths and weaknesses of the organisations as well as individual nuance. Management styles had also to be recognised, strategic conflicts resolved, synergies emphasised and organisational process efficiencies codified for potential global roll-out.


Having left the agency while the project was still at the strategic stages, it is not possible to provide further insight or claim credit for the later progress made. The project is now managed locally in South Africa and after a number of years a review of the company’s web site and public domain communications gives every indication of a continuing project partnership success.