Project Description


Product innovation can be a powerful tool for business growth. However when left unchecked and without the framework of a cohesive brand architecture, it can dilute brand equity, confuse customers and waste valuable resources.

Ruberoid’s performance and reputation within the specialist building sector was unquestionable. Yet it lacked the focussed strategic mission and cohesive brand architecture required to facilitate its growth ambitions.

Our role was to capture the essence of Ruberoid’s unique reputation and create a future proofed brand strategy and architecture that would consolidate and exemplify its superior customer value. Our work was tasked with guiding future strategic innovation through a deep and validated understanding of the role of Ruberoid in the lives of its customers.


In many consumer markets the moment of truth takes place at the point of sale, at the screen or when sharing brand stories with peers. For Ruberoid’s building customers it was early in the morning at the back of the van or in the supplies shed. It was here that memories of product performance and rushed selection of appropriate materials took place. Our ethnographic work uncovered the challenges for brands in these scenarios, highlighting the unpredictability of customers lives and their need for products based on a relationship of trust and clarity.

From the development a new corporate identity and mission to a revised brand architecture and brand communication guidelines we looked to balance the over-riding requirements for clarity and trust with a new and distinctive brand positioning. Our aim, to build on the brand’s trust and heritage while re-defining and re-presenting its credentials and ambition to all of Ruberoid’s stakeholders across the sector.


Within the complex market of waterproofing, the category players had struggled to create a recognisable cohesive brand promise and offer. By taking time to deep dive into the market and use the insights gained to re-structure the business more closely around customer value, Ruberoid was able in one step to consolidate it’s corporate and product brand position, creating respect at the retail partner and consumer level meanwhile prompting the company to think more strategically about its future growth initiatives driven by a newly invigorated brand rather than product alone.