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We want to uncover how senior management’s current vision shapes internal attitudes, and motivation and how this might be impacting corporate performance. Is the organisation fully utilising its intangible capital? Does the firm utilise it’s brand resources effectively to feed its competitive advantage? If not we want to uncover the internal barriers and find ways to unlock any potential.


We will spend time immersing ourselves in the business, interviewing designated stakeholders and actively engaging with individuals across the customer facing departments. We want to explore first hand, how the current level of belief and engagement is contributing to growth and profitability. We will evaluate how the corporate brand has been leveraged over time to provide momentum for its brands and its perceptions as a brand owner.

We will evaluate the current internal perceptions of what constitutes customer value, its perceived relevance and perceptions of how it is delivered across the business. The corporate mantra of customer focus can have a multitude if meanings. We look to go beyond this and uncover the implicit unspoken beliefs of staff and management.

The dynamic capabilities of the firm also plays a vital role in ensuring a firm’s successful evolution. We want to explore the appetite for change, the degree to which entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and the impact of any stigma when new initiatives go sour. Sometimes success itself can be a double edged sword. Does the organisation and it’s brands have the potential for flexing to market signals or does it template past success as a benchmark for future growth?

We will deliver

We will provide a structured easy to digest report that sets out the key opportunities and challenges of the firm. We will highlight the specific barriers that are holding back the firm, where they impact across the organisation and first thoughts on possible remedies. We will also highlight the areas of untapped potential within the firm, suggesting reasons why these may have developed and provide strategies and tactics to help start unlocking them.

In addition we will take time to reflect on the unspoken feedback that is so often missing from such reports. Why do employees feel antipathy towards the current internal corporate brand? Which of the customer value initiatives have failed to generate internal support and why? Where does the energy for the business emanate from?

The report and it’s finding are prepared as a core stakeholder group presentation and intended to form part of an internal feedback workshop.