Defining the most lucrative areas to apply your innovation resource, includes deciding if your strategic objectives are to take share or grow the market. The creation of a market innovation map allows you to evaluate opportunities within an analytical framework of competitor customer value delivery. By understanding where competitor innovation is successful and where it is failing to deliver new sources of customer value will provide a vital lens through which to view the relative attractiveness of taking share vs growth the market and why.


Numerous studies have shown that consumers perceive value delivery at three levels:

CATEGORY TABLE STAKES: If your brand is struggling to deliver these or your innovation focussed on simply achieving their delivery, your aspirations are likely to remain unfulfilled.

CATEGORY PLAYER: The second level of value perception include those values that imbue a brand as having a rightful and significant place within the category. These are unlikely to be unique but may reflect unique characteristics of the brands heritage or sources of authenticity.

CATEGORY DIFFERENTIATORS: The final and most important value delivery attributes will differentiate a category brand in a relevant and motivating way to elevate it to the consumer’s consideration set. There will be rewarded with category leadership.


We look to deliver a map of the category opportunity spaces cross referenced with where and how they influence consumer decision making: This will highlight any ‘blue ocean’ spaces and the possibly innovation routes as well as the ‘red oceans’ where numerous competitors are battling it out for the same space but have innovated to get there in different ways. In particular we look to analyse …

WHICH business model has been chosen.

WHERE are their key channels.

WHY is their positioning attractive.

WHAT product performance attributes.

WHEN are the occasion drivers.

WHO are the key consumer typologies.

WITH who are the competitors partnering?