With so much written about branding and so many agencies and consultancies purporting a secret alchemy for successful brand building is there anything left to say? We believe there is.

Brand building is about big ideas that come by exploring the what if’s of unexpected possibility. We strive to mix culture, innovation, cognition and behavioural science to create inspiring and disruptive ways of meeting consumer needs. We use our frameworks and models to deliver convenience and hedonism in elegant and extraordinary ways that have yet to be imagined. Our ideas are challenging and rarely expected. They surprise and delight in equal measure.

To let you into a little secret. Great ideas rarely come by brainstorming. Nor do they come from structured workshops and idea generation exercises however wacky and engaging the moderator. They come to those who have invested time and effort to immerse themselves in the lives of their consumers. They have understood the possibilities thrown up by disruptive technologies, the cultural nuances of relevant consumption rituals and hidden behavioural patterns of potential consumers to name but a few. Only then do ideas reveal themselves, often several days later and in the most bizarre of situations. Welcome to our world.



To put your mind at rest. we totally understand the need for validation, robust modelling and risk reduction. Our brand crafting incorporates a sensitively structured series of stages and modelling techniques. They provide opportunities to test current and future brand equity performance, emotional attachment, authenticity and the pivot points of trust. We aim to show exactly where value can be created and how this can be achieved in the real world.

In positioning your brand and imbuing it with a sense of purpose we develop a series of narratives. These brand stories not only provide a sense of where the brand comes from but acts as a whiteboard for the consumer to create their own associations and schemas for the brand. In our experience brands rarely exist in isolation. By understanding the associations that link the brand to the rest of our consumer’s lives the resources required for achieving and maintaing awareness and preference are reduced.

Our work in the areas of self esteem, self-identity management and motivation have taught us that brands are not discrete islands or isolated bundles of utility. They are woven into the fabric of consumer’s lives where they interact with other brands and services. We look to create brands that have a powerful social component living harmoniously within consumers lives and adding to their overall experience. Isn’t that exactly how humans behave?