“Brands are experienced, consumed and shared they are not simply ideas. The look and feel of brands often plays an over-riding role in helping us form perceptions and decide if we want to interact with or reject the brand idea.”

The role of design in branding has many facets. It is not simply the brand’s logo, associated colour and typography palette or imagery, however great the alchemy. Instead brand design should reflect a philosophy that places design at the centre of theĀ visual, aural and tactile customer experience.

The challenge is that good design is now ubiquitous and no longer by itself a brand differentiator. However when brand design is considered and crafted within an informed strategic context and driven by powerful consumer insights it can transform the brand.

Our approach is to develop an understanding of the role of design by uncovering cultural tensions, behavioural triggers and barriers and usingĀ semiotics and ethnographic research in our work. Our experience has shown that this can harness extraordinary power for the brand.

Our partnership with clients does not follow the ‘receive brief, present concepts, refine, execute’ journey experienced by most clients. We follow a consumer co-creation approach where creative opinion leaders work with designers, informed by trends and semiotics research to create visual stories reflecting the brand’s potential.

These stories then act as the foundation for creative exploration guiding how the brand will be experienced across all of the senses and all stages of the consumer’s consumption journey.

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