Understanding the components and strength of a brand’s equity at an early stage in projects is vital. We use a unique framework which cross-references the components and strength of the brand’s current equity, with the dominance it has achieved in the market and how successfully customer’s perceive it as delivering value.


BRAND ASSETS | Are the levels and sources of brand influence that exist in customer’s minds. We firstly review recall and recognition to assess how well customers remember and articulate each aspect of the brand’s identity. This can provide valuable insight into what triggers consideration set membership vs simply recognising the brand’s existance. We then look to review the brand associations including both features and benefits of the product, as well as non product associations including price point, consumption imagery and the imagined target customer groups.

BRAND STRENGTHS. | Brand strength provides insight intro how well the brand has been leveraged over time. Does the brand enjoy dominance in the trade channels? Is this reflected in its distribution and presence at point of sale? Brand strength can also be seen through the lens of consumer purchase patterns with loyalty, re-purchase frequency and achieved price premiums all reflecting inherent strengths or weaknesses of the brand.

CUSTOMER VALUE. | Customer value measures represent a window through which to view the future health of the brand. Does the brand continue to provide superior value? Is it accessible and convenient for customers? Does the experience match up to the promise? If not any brand dominance and customer equity will be short lived as sources of utility and value are sought by customers elsewhere. Understanding how each target segment extracts value from the brand will be a core aspect of this evaluation stage. We look to pinpoint which of the interaction points represent the most significant elements of value delivery and those that specifically have the potential to drive purchase decisions.