Canon | Digital Video

Video camera purchasing often starts out as a confusing discussion at the technology store, includes hours of frustration at the computer and often ends with a disappointing film output that never lives beyond it’s initial showing. Canon wanted to change the game. They knew that the solution was bigger than technological superiority and presented us with an inspiring if somewhat daunting challenge ... [more]


Canon | Xeed

Exploring low involvement can sometimes deliver invaluable insights into the emotive drivers of brand choice. Our brief was to re-frame the role of Xeed, creating a positioning that would act as a catalyst to inspire channel stakeholders. Internally Xeed became the lightening rod for strategic innovation and emotive brand-led communication ... [more]


Wickes | Paint

Wickes wanted to broaden how their customers perceived value and saw paint category innovation as a key step. Our work enabled Wickes to exploit their brand strengths attracting new segments of quality conscious building professionals and creatively minded customers to their paint offer ... [more]