The delivery of customer value is not a one shot affair. Customers experience brands across many touch points, on numerous occasions, in various mind-sets, with different needs and across varying time frames. Capturing this data, understanding how this varies by customer and the opportunities and threats this presents can be revealed by mapping customer experience.

Understanding exactly how the customer experiences their interactions with the brand can uncover new truths about the customers. Carried out objectively it will challenge misplaced internal beliefs allowing the brand to be seen through the eyes of the customer.

Customer experience mapping provides vital insight for the strategic innovation process, allowing resources to be prioritised, up-weighting value delivery at critical interaction moments while re-allocating resources away from less influential areas.

Customer experience initiatives can have a powerful galvanising influence internally and brings many departments of the business together with a common goal – enhancing customer value throughout the customer interaction lifecycle. Designed and executed well it touches every aspect of the business creating a sense of shared purpose.




1.The development of a clear understanding of customer personas within the experience journey. We want to understand their needs, motivations, goals, pain-points and sources of influence along the journey.


2.A map of customer touch-points will be developed bringing to life each point within the brand interaction experience.


3.We would propose a series of research initiatives to explore the customer’s behaviour at each stage. How they interact, what this involves, what they are thinking and feeling and how they perceive the experience.


4.For each stage we would carry out an internal audit, to understand what is also happening beyond the view of the customer. Which departments, teams and processes and how this impacts the customer’s experience.



Once completed codified and validated we develop designed visual output bringing to life customer personas and their respective journeys. This is followed by a series of sharing workshops in which the opportunities and threats to the brand are explored and a series of strategic initiatives agreed to stimulate growth innovation and competitive advantage.



Journey map