While building momentum behind the strategic intent, the business should take some time to reflect on how it can best structure and develop its resources to ensure that it’s focus and priorities are best suited to achieving the projected growth.

Does the business tend operate in silos? Are sales and marketing organised by product line or strategic market opportunity? Is customer centric an organisational slogan or an everyday reality? Does the company provide the platform for creativity and innovation in the right areas?

These are examples of the critical questions that will need to be addressed in order to maximise opportunities and fulfil the long term strategic goals implicit within the newly launched strategic intent.



Our approach is to help transition the organisational structure towards category disruption that will stimulate growth based on innovation shocks rather than incremental innovation shifts.

This stage is never easy. Senior management views are often entrenched and beliefs grounded in past history that has become the narrative of business decision making.

Ultimately the business needs to feel up to the task. Strategic intent is about doing things differently and to do this you need to have a business structure that adds value in new and exciting ways to its customers.

“We have found that managers in organisations that are structured correctly for future growth feel empowered and enthused in equal measure. A potent cocktail for success.”