As the world becomes ever more complex to navigate, brands are increasingly used by consumers to decode their social health and wellness environments. Brand can also provide a useful mechanism for social acceptance, self-identity and self actualisation. Brands that can engender trust are seen as authentic, drive loyalty and flourish while those based on marketing spin can find it very costly just to stand still.

We are unashamedly rigorous. We believe that without powerful insights brands loose their differentiation quickly. Balancing differentiation and relevance in order to compete for a dominant role in the customer’s category schema is tough both intellectually and creatively.

Our experience across areas such as social psychology, behavioural economics and self identity management give us an unparalleled edge in sustainable brand building. We dig deep for our solutions and do not offer them up without testing them to destruction. Once in the consumer’s real world there is no opportunity to explain away imperfections and ambiguities in the brand’s DNA.