Having built a map of the brandscape and your position within it, we will create a framework of potential opportunities. This will include the potential innovation strategies to exploit them, and those with which you are most likely to be successful. This will be determined by the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, the dynamics of your organisation and your brand’s competitive environment. We will look to achieve this in three stages:

OPPORTUNITY MAPPING: Is where we define, and bring to life the insights uncovered during the previous brandscaping phase. We will create a analytical framework of the opportunities built around the drivers of behaviour, behavioural triggers and barriers cross referenced against the precisely defined needs of each core customer group.

OPPORTUNITY PROFILING: Is where we will bring to life the ways in which these unmet needs can be met. These will show the target audience, the insight, the consumer benefit, and the claims we will be able to make if successful in positioning the brand.

OPPORTUNITY SELECTION: Is where we use a prioritisation filter to help determine those strategic initiatives based on relevance to the business, strength of unmet need and scale of the behavioural change challenge in order to determine strategic priorities.