We believe that simply listing insights and opportunities without applying robust structured market challenges can be misleading and generates false commercial perspectives. We want to ensure that each opportunity is both real and realistically envisioned. Firstly we use a series of insight filters as shown below:

Insight filter


We then create ‘insight to opportunity profiles’ (shown right) that provide an accessible and consistent format for reviewing the opportunities.

This is not intended to be exhaustive at this stage, more a summary of key attributes that should be considered in a prioritisation process.

We will then design a client workshop inviting cross functional teams to review the opportunities from both an internal perspective and using available market data to access external market conditions. The output is intended to provide an initial sense of how significant the commercial opportunity is considered.   

Typical attributes at this stage might include:

Profitability and scalability of opportunity; the potential scale and scope of competitive response; the costs of wining and maintaing the new opportunity; evidence provided by trends that this will represent a sustainable long term opportunity.

Insight cascade