To grow consistently and optimise brand performance, companies must be constantly scanning their external environment for signals of change. Identified shifts must be codified and prioritised for their potential impact, with strategies developed to counter strategic threats or take advantage of opportunity.

Identifying the signals which represent the most influential drivers of change can be daunting. At each strategic level (competitor; industry; business environment) existing boundaries have become blurred with technological innovation frequently turning established business models on their head.

Signals even when recognised are often seen in isolation. The impact and true significance of changes lost through failure to cross reference with other often seemly unrelated but critically inter-linked trends and market signals.

Our approach to business environment analysis is to develop bespoke client dashboards spanning each of the three environmental levels and incorporating them into an accessible strategic priority framework.

The diagram below shows our Strategic Brand Priorities Grid, designed as a starting point for development of client dashboards.

Strategic priorities snapshot